Online sports betting market today is huge. There are lot of people who think that it is much faster to place bet with couple of clicks, then to spend couple of hours at local bookmaker. There are a lot of online bookmakers on the market, and it is important to choose right one for you. Here is a brief listing of the things that you should check before you open an account. It is smart to spend couple of minutes in reading this, cause once it can be late.

What you should looking for?

    First of all, choose the bookie that you have heard before, that have a well known name, realibility and credibility. How to check this? There are couple of websites like ours, that are trying to make a list of serious bookmakers and will give you couple of recommendations. Also, you are watching games all week, so you have probably see some ads by bigger name in the industry. There are also, punters forums, with special boards about online bookmakers. Before you open a account and deposit money, check if someone had bad experience with them.

Deposit options and fees

    You should check what is the payment and withdrawal method at choosen bookmaker. All serious bookmakers are excepting credit cards. Our advice is still to have new credit card for your bookie account that is separate from your main credit card with salary, etc. Concerning withdrawal, check how big are their fees for withdrawal. You should not buy stories about taxes, bank fees, check withdrawal fees or whatever. There are bookmakers at the market who are taking even 40-50$ as withdrawal fee. Avoid those ones.

Does boomaker accept singles on all games?

    Avoid the bookies that are not excepting singles. Even today there are such bookmakers. Some of them are expecting singles, but not on all events. For example, you can not place single bet if odds are less then 1.30 or you can't make accumulator bet with odds less then 1.40. That is not fair, so go to the bookmakers that are trying to be fair with you.
That means that you should read the rules at bookmaker site. Maybe your country is not on the list. They will take your deposit, but no withdrawal will be possible.

Does the bookmaker demand big initial deposits?

    Avoid the bookmakers that demands big initial deposits. Online bookmakers should not demand minimum deposit bigger then 20$. You should have chance to check the bookmaker with small deposit before you place the bet.

Look at number of various events they are offering

    Look carefully at the lines offered for betting. You should have possibility to bet on various sports and various leagues. If bookmaker is only offering Premiership and Calcio, but never heard for Division 2 and Segunda, you should look further for the place to deposit your money. Also, check if bookie have offering matches with big favourites. If not, avoid.

Look for other people experience!

    We have selected a list of realible bookmakers on our site. For some of them we have wrote a small review so you can read what was our experience. Similar lists you can find on our partners sites like Globetting . Before you make a deposit be sure to look in this reviews. It could save lot of your nerves and money. There is no need to make same mistakes as someone else. Smart man can learn a lot from other people mistakes.