If you want to just make your Saturday games watching eventsmore interested, and if you do not expect more from your small bets, then just fun, then this in not article for you. But, if you want to make some money from betting then you should really consider reading this article. We will describe basic principles of online betting money management, which easily could be crucial for your success in this world. It is not sure that you will earn money if you make good money management policy and if you keep up to it, but is for sure that you will loose money if you do not do that. What is money management?

What is money management?

    Money management is setup of your goals, your strategy and some rules that you will always keep in mind during your online betting.

1. Setup your goals!

     Before you even open one or more accounts in online sportbooks, you should think what you want from them. You should setup your goals as money limit that you want to earn. Then you should open couple of accounts (let us say 2 big ones with 300$ and 3-4 more small ones with 100$). It is important to always remember that you should bet only with money that you can afford to lose. Never, and I mean never bet with money that you do not have, or can not afford to lose, like your life savings or whatever. That can bring you to lot of problems. 
After you open accounts (not neccerelly with amounts that we have noted, that is just example for use in this article), you should setup your goal. That means, that you should write down, what you want to get from it and when you will make withdrawal. It is important not to change this rules during the game. For example, we can setup goal to withdraw money from big accounts as soon as we have 600$ in it and from small accounts as soon as we have 200$ in it. That means that you can withdraw, for example 300$ from your big account and leave 300$ in the account for further playing (with the same goal).

2. How big your bets are?

     When you have setup your goal then you should define your betting strategy. Bet on singles only. Do not bet accumulators, since your possibilities for winning are decresing signitificaly with every game added in accumulator. At the start of the season setup your usual betting amount and bet most of your singles with that stake. Do not increase stakes when you are winning and do not increse them when you are in losing streak either. For example we can setup our custom bet at 10$, which means that we will always bet with that amount. Exceptions should be really rare. If you really want to place higher bet, you should never do this with more then 20% of your balance and only if you are so sure in your bet that you do not want to loose the chance.

3. Do you ever rest?

     When I do my regular job, sometimes it can happen that my results are not good as usual no matter how dedicated to job I am. I am sure the same thing is with you. Sometimes, you just need a rest. The same with betting. You will definetely shoot the winning streak and you will definetely drop in loosing one, sometimes during the season. If you are in loosing streak, and it seams that you just can not win, maybe it is time for little rest. You should consider not to bet for a week or two. That can help you better view the things and will certainly help your betting account. Never, and I mean never think that you can not loose all the time. It is very common for punters to increase their bets when they loose couple of bets, cause they think that they can't miss all the time. Possibility of choosing the right outcome is the same as one in your last bet.

4. Do not be greedy!

     When we are in the winning streak, we think that we are unbeatable. We think that we can win the lottery and not just to guess who will be the first scorer in Everton-Liverpool clash. It is in human nature, and you must deal with it. Keep to your strategy. If you have all the confidence of the world maybe you can make larger bets, but not too large. If your custom bet was 10$, you can try with 15$ bet, but do not try your luck with 50$ bets.

5. Behave by the rules!

     You should always behave with the rules of your money management system!